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Rebels in Peace
Built for Business
Focused on People

A successful adoption of new (digital) systems, processes, activities within the organization is determined by the success of individual behavioral change.


As PROSCI-Certified Change Practitioners, we have the right expertise and tools necessary to guide your organization through the most complex transformations from the 'People side of Change'

Change Management

Save time, work more efficiently, and reduce costs by automating daily business processes. This includes developing workflows for invoicing, project management, HR, ERP, and more.

Process automation

Road to succes

Structures create behavior. Is your organizational structure designed to bring out the best in your employees and achieve maximum business results? We assist you in analyzing, designing, and implementing the optimal organizational design.

Organizational design

Organizational structures
  • The Prosci PCT test assists in measuring the ability to successfully implement changes.


    Through Prosci standardized assessments and analyses, we provide insight into the current state of the organization regarding change readiness and capacity. With this data, organizations can develop and execute change strategies more effectively, increasing the likelihood of successful changes.

  • Together with your team, we outline the expected impact on various aspects of the organization, such as processes, systems, and people.

    Facilitated by Prosci Certified Change Practitioners, this workshop enables your organization to clearly define change objectives and develop strategies to achieve the desired impact.

  • Through workshops and coaching, key figures within your organization are mobilized and equipped with the necessary skills and insights to become effective sponsors.

    This service focuses on developing a shared vision, engagement, and commitment from the sponsor group to successfully support and drive changes.

  • Based on sociocratic organizational principles, we assist your organization in redesigning structures and processes.

    Participatory processes are facilitated to integrate the voices of all stakeholders into the organization's redesign.


    This makes your organization more resilient and adaptable by increasing transparency, autonomy, and ownership at all levels.

  • We develop a tailor-made strategy for effectively managing change within your organization. Through thorough analysis and evaluation of the current situation, strategic interventions are identified and developed to reduce resistance and increase acceptance.

    This helps you achieve change objectives in a structured and successful manner.

  • Realizing behavioral change within an organization requires a systematic approach.


    We use the Prosci methodology to achieve this.


    We identify resistance points and create engagement to promote change. Whether it's improving collaboration, addressing unproductive behavior, or boosting motivation, our team involves people managers and sponsors and facilitates workshops, training sessions, and information sessions to provide an effective guidance process, enabling us to achieve significant behavioral adjustments within your organization.

  • Measurement is key. Throughout the change process, we measure performance progress at all levels: organizational, individual, and process-related.

    With measurable indicators and our precise evaluations, you can proactively respond to change needs and maximize the impact of your initiatives through continuous monitoring and performance adjustments.

  • The success of organizational change is inherently linked to the extent to which individual employees embrace new behaviors.

    ADKAR helps us map out where each employee stands in their personal change journey.

    Based on these insights, we can set up additional initiatives and actions to accelerate adoption.

  • We understand that change brings challenges. Therefore, after implementation, we closely monitor the new situation and address targeted improvement areas.

    We collaborate with the teams to create customized action plans that, even with small adjustments, make a big difference, thereby strengthening sustainable integration.

  • We evaluate existing business processes with the aim of automation. Through in-depth analysis of workflows, inefficiencies are identified, and opportunities for automation are determined.

    We provide personalized recommendations for implementing solutions that increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency through custom-built solutions within the Microsoft Power Platform.

While many consulting firms focus on technological or architectural solutions, Rebels in Peace distinguishes itself by placing humans at the center of organizational change processes.

A perfectly designed process that nobody follows contributes nothing to business performance. A perfectly designed technological system that nobody uses contributes nothing to business results. Perfectly described job descriptions or roles that are not realized by individual employees do not yield sustainable results.

The success of business outcomes thus depends on the extent to which individual employees embrace and integrate change into their daily activities.

It is this transformation of changes into successful business results where Rebels in Peace adds value.

There is no 'One size fits all'. Based on the Prosci and ADKAR methodology, we offer tailor-made solutions for your organization.

Our way of work

We're experts in digital transformations, but we also understand that real change starts with people. Our approach integrates advanced technologies with strategies to optimize human capital and promote workplace well-being.

Digital Expertise with Human Focus

We don't measure our success solely based on technological implementations, but also by the tangible impact we have on business outcomes and the well-being of the people we serve.

Result Driven

Our 'Rebelution' stems from a deep sense of purpose. We're not merely about disrupting the status quo; we aim for positive change that adds value to our customers, their employees, and society as a whole.

Innovation with Purpose

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Each project is customized to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients, with a focus on fostering sustainable long-term growth.

Customized Solutions for Sustainable Growth

Fun Facts


Long term collaboration with Universities & Universitey colleges in Flanders


Tailor made

Rebels in Peace


People trained in more than 3 countries


Years professional experience


SMEs and family businesses can turn to Rebel in Peace, but larger international companies have also sought our services.


Socio-cultural organizations, hospitals and other healthcare institutions, or custom work companies can rely on Rebel expertise.

Non profit

Schools, socio-cultural organizations, healthcare institutions, or custom work companies can rely on the expertise of Rebels to automate processes, streamline operations, and organize themselves optimally in line with organizational goals.


It’s all about a dialogue

What do our clients say?

The lecturer knew what he was talking about! Lots of experience and obsessively focused on his professional expertise. Impressive!

Participant feedback after attending the workshop 'How Vision-Driven Change Works':

First and foremost, your presence with us has provided me with insights that I either hadn't previously considered or had lost sight of in the current change process.

'You always have a choice' and 'Continuously ask yourself if the step you're taking brings you closer to the goal' were two relevant examples of this.

Director's feedback after running a change management program in his organization.

During our outdoor coaching sessions, Roel helped unravel the chaos in my mind through the calmness and space he provided, along with his 'down to earth' questions. I now have a much better understanding of what I need in my job, where I have an impact, and where I don't. It's a breath of fresh air.

Ellen,  participated a 1-1 leadership coaching program

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